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This is mainly for showing holiday photos but also to keep my hand in on web software to keep my brain alive. Some may say it is too late.

I do write books and I have inserted links to my two books (so far) Crystals of Enceladus and Brightbeach. The first is sc-fi and the second about a seaside village in England. They are both very cheap and I am now on a pension so if anyone wants to make a film or TV series please mail me

Click on the links to look at my photos or buy a book, help me to buy an electric car to replace my diesel.

The background image is of Fuertaventura and, yes, it was windswept.
Link to my book Brightbeach
Link to my book Crystals of Enceladus
The Gambia 2018.
Cape Verde
Sri Lanka
Egypt 1
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Egypt 2